'Tis the Season for Party Dresses

As an avid window shopper, I love visiting lots of different stores for tops and dresses. Since the holiday season is upon us, I love to see cocktail and party dresses. Today Ive been browsing the websites over at Express , Forever21, ASOS, and Arden B.  Ive found several dresses that are too cute. They definitely would make for the perfect outfit for nights out (especially New Years Eve!)

My first pick is this adorable black and white dress from Express. You can NEVER go wrong with black and white together! This dress is simple yet elegant. The scoop neck opens the neckline without it plunging down into the cleavage. I absolutely adore the placement of the black sides. To find out more about this dress, you can head over to Express and get all the deets!
Next up, we have this adorable lace dress found at Forever21. What is sexier than Lace? I love black lace over a nude color lining. This dress is a bit on the shorter side, but if you got the legs, why not show 'em, right? The trimmed waistline enhances an hourglass figure, and look at that bow! A high neckline makes the front look innocent, but the back shows a bit more skin. Check out more of this dress over at Forever21
Next on the list we run over to ASOS for a look at this sequined party dress by Lipsy. I love how dainty and feminine this dress is. The flowy aspect of the bottom paired with the heavily sequined top I am in love with. Head over to ASOS for more info.
Lastly, we have this sexy dress from Arden B. Its a basic 'little black dress' with a little bit of pizazz! I love that the dress as a whole is simple and straight forward. But the best parts of this dress are in the details. Specifically the shoulder pieces. The spiked and chain fringed shoulders really make a statement. An ode to women with shoulder pads in the 80's I presume. And since i love all things 80's (the good and the bad!) this dress is hot! Visit Arden B. to see more of this hot number!

* This is not a sponsored post. I am not affiliated with any of the websites/companies featured in this post.