Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bitstrip Comics

I have to share these with you guys. Anyone who is on Facebook, have you seen Bitstrip Comics? It is an app that allows you to make yourself (and friends) into cartoons!

This is normally how I am on my computer. I'm impatient. And I hate when I have to stop something that I'm really into to go to sleep. I've been on a roll with ideas for my sons birthday party and I have been keeping a list of everything from foods, costumes, games...Then I look up and its 11:30 pm and I need to go to sleep.
I don't want to go to sleep!!
 The world is filled with jerks and dummies. Sometimes you just need to find a seat for them so they can sit down and be quiet!

Me and my bestie have dysfunctional conversations. Between Randomness and my typos, I don't know how we communicate sometimes. Oh and for Halloween one year we did Danger Run (you have clues/directions to haunted houses, but they are written in limericks)  and totally went to the wrong place a lot....
thats how I usually look...always confused

I love mangoes so much. I love them, they are heaven! My son likes them too, often I try to sneak more pieces and he sees it and we try to get the last one. They are so good. OMG. I really really really love mangoes.
I don't remember, did I tell you I love mangoes?

My friend Heather and I have had good times. I <heart3 her. She's friggin' awesome and I really miss this woman! I moved to Texas and she and her family just moved to New York.
Rocking out with my homie

I made this comic second. My husband still hasn't seen this because he's been out in the field training. But he is going to crack up when he actually sees it. I'm actually going to print these comics on photo paper and frame them.
 My husband and I are avid zombie fans, lol. We watched every episode of the walking dead and I love zombie movies. But I'm a wuss and i get freaked out and scared easily. I'm always freaking out and he's just like 'whatever' listening to me complain, ha ha.

Stupid face....cartoon style, ha ha, I couldn't resist!

Aren't these funny?! If you want to make one of your own, go to to make some!

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