Fun Friday Fav's #15

This is part one of a pretty massive update that is coming. This first post is just about food. there was a lot of cooking. My favorite thing to do. So this update is going to be pretty short because the bulk of our Christmas will take forever to get together. We went to see Disney Live two days before Christmas. The night before that we drove through a 2-3 mile outdoor Christmas light display. I took tons of pictures and videos at both events so Ive got a lot of sorting to do. The night we got back from Disney Live, my son got sick. So everyone in my house had the plague around Christmas. First my son, then my husband, then myself. It was insane. I'm thankful for a good immune system though, because I was only really sick for one day. My husband, was sick for almost a week. So this F3 post is pre Christmas. The second part of the update will come either tomorrow or on Sunday. There was lots of cooking....

1) Vanilla/Vanilla & Chocolate Chip Cupcakes were made and they were fantastic! I topped them with a Chocolate Ganache. OMG they were so good I took some to my next door neighbors!

2) Potato Soup has quickly taken over as my favorite soup...for the time being

3) I was never a real fan of Zucchini, but after making these Zucchini sticks, I really changed my mind. I think zucchini is great!

4) Manicotti looks intimidating. My husband is part Italian so that ads a whole new level of pressure. Top that with the fact that I added spinach in with the ricotta (he disapproves of spinach all together i think) he was really hesitant about eating it. But it turned out delicious! I loved it, he did, and so did our son! *score!*

5) Our lazy butt cat. I swear this guy sleeps all day and all night with the exception of like 2 hours where he basically runs laps around the house. He likes to lay on my clothes.

6) Somehow our Christmas tree survived 3 weeks in our house! We ended up getting our tree way too early but at least we had no limbs falling off. This was the day we put it up.

7) This was my ornament for this year. Cupcake!

8) Our son decided to get a taxi. Why? Noone really knows. Not even him.

9) My husband picked out this awesome nutcracker. Isn't it adorable!?
10) Ive been trying to learn embroidery a bit. Its fairly easy, but I'm uncoordinated, so I have to be difficult. This was the first thing I made. It looks a hot mess but I need to practice more. I'll get it soon enough.

11) I also made spicy beef ravioli. After they were boiled, I pan fried them just enough to brown them a tad. Topped with tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese and that's that! These suckers turned out huge too, by the way.

Well that's my mini update. Part two (maybe even a part three) will be coming soon. And Remember my posts about Tetyana Naturals? Well there is a giveaway coming! Stay tuned for Deets!