Fun Friday Fav's #16

fun friday favs

Please Bare with me as I sort out my formatting!

 First off, I've been going crazy with Polymer Clay. I've created a few new earrings and I'm really excited to finish them! I'm especially fond of the fang/claw one I've made. I've got to dip it in gold paint and then glaze it and its going to look fantastic! I'm actually going to make several different kinds in different colors! I'm excited to add these to my shop (almost ready to launch!)
polymer clay jewelrypolymer clay jewelry

Next up we've got two examples of hilarious nonsense!  First is a book i found at my local Dollar Tree called "Vampirates". I carried this book around and even read the first page but couldn't stop laughing at the name and the cover photo. I didn't get it, but I may just have to go back and get it so I can read it. Second picture I have no idea what is going on. I turned on the Late Late show with Craig Ferguson and this was on. I grabbed my phone and took a picture as soon as I could and then they went to commercial. I still don't know what was going on on his show, lol.
vampire piratesi have no clue

I forgot to add these pictures in my post of Christmas. While at the botanical gardens in Austin, I took these pictures of flowers and I think my bootlegged phone took pretty nice pictures! These flowers were so pretty and colorful, I love flowers!


Next up are two of my favorite things to cook. Egg cups, mini corn dogs, and tortilla chips! I cook a lot, but these are the best snacky foods that I can munch on and work on other things around the house.


My kiddo and I had some Art Time. He got a paint set for Christmas and he loves doing creative things so we sat down and painted together! My abstract painting is on the left. But my son's amazing painting is on the right. He told me that his painting is of me and him. We are both transformers, I'm on the left and he is on the this not amazing?!?! Did I mention he's only 3?


More cooking! This time I made Japanese Pan Noodles (inspired by Noodles & Company), and Pepperoni Pizza. Every Friday night we have pizza night so I am always perfecting and changing my pizza recipe. This time I made a deep dish sort of pizza. It was really good!

My cat....*shakes head* my cat and his shenanigans are ridiculous some time! He is obsessed with watching the birds (even the leaves) in our backyard. When he can't get to the window, he will get on anything he can get his fat butt on. My husband and I walked in the living room from our kitchen to find our cat perched on top of the back of this chair. He's looking away in hopes that we wouldn't notice him....


 I've been in full DIY mode lately. One of our neighbors wanted to get rid of two desks (but this desk turned out to actually be a vanity!!!). We moved them over to our house and I decided to paint them both. This is the vanity that I have claimed for my office. Its somewhat small but its perfect. I painted it a cool almost minty color. These are the before and after for the paint job. I am completely overhauling my office so I will be doing a "tour" of it once I get everything painted, pictures hung, and things rearranged. 

desk before
desk after

This is the biggie, right here. This desk is going into my husband's office. I don't have the before picture but it was a weird white flat color. I am painting the desk as well as the hutch a black semi gloss. I think its turning out good too. I wan to do a tour of his office when its done, but I don't know how much he will like that!

I've had an interesting week full of high emotions, i think that's why I have been so much of a busy body. What are some of your favorite things from this week?