How to Etch Glass: A Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review the e-book 'How to Etch Glass' written by Eric Robert. Prior to reading his e-book, I really had no knowledge of the process behind glass etching. All I knew was that it was so pretty, but it looked like a lot of work. Eric's e-book was extremely easy to follow. I love to read, but I've found a lot of books about crafting to be messy or difficult to follow along with. I'm a very hands on type of gal, so being able to visualize the process without actually doing it can be difficult. Eric not only explains glass etching in an simple yet knowledgeable way, his illustrations alongside his friendly demeanor helps to make you feel comfortable with it all. Before reading this e-book, I was under the assumption that glass etching was a difficult, drawn out process that I would never be capable of doing myself. But after reading Eric's e-book, I've been given the confidence to try glass etching myself! To learn about how easy glass etching can be, different method, and to purchase your own copy of Eric's e-book, How to Etch Glass, visit the website
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