Wednesday, July 10, 2013

At The Rodeo

Over the fourth of July weekend my family and I had a chance to go to a rodeo! I have been to rodeos before, but not in years. But this was the first time for both my husband and my son. We had an absolute blast although we weren't able to stay for the whole thing. We missed the bull riding but that's okay, We're in Texas so there will be plenty of rodeo's to go to!
I wore my boots and my jeans and a tank. No, no hat for me!

for the 4th, they had Cavalry present the Texas and US Flags

Someone one these two Dodge Rams!

This woman was amazing! Here she is on one horse.

Here she is riding three horses.

Yep, she's setting up on five horses...

Aaaannnd she's off!

And here she is riding five horses!

Rusty Rocket was the rodeo clown....

Bucking Bronco's were going crazy!

Didn't do so hot on the calf roping


  1. Cute boots! I have some cowboy booths myself too and I love them!

    1. Thanks so much! Ive actually had my eye on a bright red pair (since my current ones are pretty old) but they are way too expensive. I love my cowboy boots though!


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