Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Love of Knitting Review

Recently I was asked to review and E-book on lace knitting from I enjoy knitting so I was really excited to review this e-book. First let me say that I consider myself to be a novice knitter. Although I can knit I normally follow basic patterns. I never considered lace knitting because it honestly was very intimidating to me. But after reviewing the instructions from this e-book, I am more comfortable with it.

The e-book consisted of three patterns for lace knitting:
  • Espalier Wrap
  • Cielo Shell
  • Linen Lace Trim
While all three were very beautiful, I chose to follow the third (and easiest) pattern for a lace trim. When I say I am a novice, I truly mean novice. I had to start and restart this pattern several times. The instructions were very clear and after looking up the definition of several abbreviations found in the pattern, I found it easy to follow! I would show you guys but I need to complete this pattern several more times before posting it on here! After restarting the Linen Lace Trim pattern as many times as I have, I actually feel confident enough to move up to the Espalier Wrap!

If you are interested in learning this beautiful technique of knitting please visit Love of Knitting! This E-book is available for free from

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