Monday, August 19, 2013

Black in Comics

Before I begin my rant, I need to give you a little back story. I am a cosplayer. I used to cosplay all the time between the ages of 16 and 23. Then I moved, got married, had a child- life happened. I stopped cosplaying. Recently I started getting back into my groove. My son and I attended Geekfest and I knew that if we went we had to wear costumes. Thus sparking my re-interest. We had fun at Geekfest, now we are looking at Ikkicon and Wizard World. While brainstorming characters, I noticed something that I hadn't noticed before. The amount of black people (or the lack thereof) in prominent roles in comics.

Think about what black comic book characters you know of. Who comes to mind? Storm? Black Panther? War Machine? Yes, those are all common and usually after that a lot of people cant seem to think of many more. I don't understand this. There are TONS of black comic characters. Not just new characters either. But why, despite the the copious amount of black characters, are they not known? When thinking of this question, I started researching characters. A lot of these characters have good background stories. They also appear in more than one issue, but no one has heard of them. Its a real shame that they haven't been given more attention. At Cons, you may see a black female dressed as Storm (along with several Slave Princess Leias) and there's nothing wrong with that. But there are so many other black characters that are awesome in their own right. I want to cosplay people who look like me! So I decided that to honor these characters, when I cosplay, I will only cosplay as the little known (or unknown) black superheroes.

The first character I'm starting with is Frenzy(Joanna Cargill):

She is a mutant. She is also awesome. She developed skin hard as steel. The only thing that can penetrate her skin is Adamantium. That's hardcore. Her back story describes her as growing up bitter and angry for the world oppressing her as a black woman and a mutant. Can anyone else out there relate? I know I can. Not the mutant part though,ha! Maybe its because this was the first unknown character I stumbled upon, I'm not sure. But this character, her story resonated with me. She started off as a villain but made a complete 360. She was even linked to Cyclops and Gambit on more than one occasion. Check her out:

older depiction of Frenzy

well lookie who she's rollin' with!

 Now tell me that she isn't a badass? I will share with you guys the progress of my costume and keep you guys updated! I expect to have to explain, and explain, and explain again who she is, but I will do it with pride. This is only the first one, I'm so excited to keep this going!!

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