Friday, November 15, 2013

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

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Jamaican Black Castor Oil is one of my favorite products to use both on my skin and on my hair. But what is Jamaican Black Castor Oil? JBCO is type of castor oil that is darker than normal castor oil which is usually clear. Castor Oil is a result of pressing castor beans. The beans are pressed until the oil is squeezed out. Now to make JBCO, the castor beans are simply fire roasted before pressing.This is what gives it a darker, richer color and smokey aroma. I use JBCO every day and I love what it has been doing for me. Here are some of the benefits I've noticed from using it!

  • Hair Growth- I first started using JBCO on the edges of my hair. Due to wearing weaves, braids that were too tight, and getting relaxers back in the day, my edges were extremely thin. I used JBCO for about a month when I noticed my edges looked a little thicker. After experimenting on my edges, I now use JBCO on my scalp all over my head. Consistency is key though, the more you use it, the more you'll be able to see the difference!

  • Skin Softening- As a person with eczema, my skin is always dry. I constantly use lotions and creams to try and moisturize my skin. JBCO helps my skin to feel soft and smooth. After taking a shower, I cover my body with JBCO and let it soak in (right after a bath or shower is the best time IMO to apply anything. Your skins pores are open.). Once it has been absorbed, my skin feels so supple, I cant get over it.

  • Hair Repair- Women abuse our hair, that's nothing new. With as much as we manipulate our hair there's no wonder we often have some sort of damage. Whether its from heat, tension, or improper night care, we could all use a little help. JBCO can be used as a hot oil treatment to repair damaged hair. I use it to seal my natural hair after I wash and condition. Not only does it act as a barrier (keeping moisture in), it also helps define my curls the next morning especially from a braid/twist out.

  • Cleanses the Skin- This one I need to explain a bit. Have you guys ever heard of the oil cleansing method? It's essentially using an oil to clean the skin. I'm sure some of you are confused. It sounds odd, but it works so well, I promise! I use JBCO and olive oil to clean my face. I blend the two oils together and when its time to clean my face, I put some on my hands, and massage the oil on my face. I love taking my time with things like this, so I normally massage my face a bit longer. Once you've massaged to your hearts content, Take a hot washcloth and sit it on your face. You're basically steaming your face to open the pores. The oil that is on the surface carries the dirt/impurities out of your pores. This method was strange to me but after a few days of trying this I definitely noticed a difference in my skin. I'm prone to acne and blackheads, by the way.
Jamaican Black Castor Oil is another staple item in my house. There are so many more benefits to JBCO than what I listed, I encourage you guys to get some and try it out!

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