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Monday, November 18, 2013

The Purge

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I was extremely excited to see The Purge. I had very high expectation for this movie after seeing the previews. It looked really good on the commercials. The basic premise of the movie is in the US in the not so distant future. Unemployment is down to 1% and violence and crime are just about non-existent. That is because the government has set aside one night a year where the country 'purges' itself and people are allowed to do any and everything they want. All crimes are legal. All emergency services are suspended. Sounds like a really cool plot, right?

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The movie centers around the Sandin family, a wealthy family that lives in a wealthy, gated community. The father (Ethan Hawke) sells home security systems and actually sold them to a lot of their wealthy neighbors. As time for The Purge comes around, their house is locked down. Steel window and door covers go into action and their security cameras come on so that they can keep an eye on whats going on outside. Dad is doing paperwork and Mom is running on the treadmill. Their daughter is in her room where her boyfriend has snuck back inside their house before it was locked down. Their son is around using his robot to look around the house. All seems normal until he sees someone outside running, covered in blood and screaming for help. He unlocks the house to bring the unknown man inside (and scares his family). This is where the movie tries to kick it up a bit. How you can be okay with your child doing something like that is beyond me. I'd whoop my son's butt. Never mind human nature is already sketchy, but on a day that the government says its okay to do ANY kind of crime? Hell no. Their daughters boyfriend snuck back inside to try and kill her father (he didn't want the two of them to be together). He tries to kill him and he dies instead. At the same time the unknown man runs and hides. Instead of keeping all of the family in one localized area, they are all dispersed around their house, which is huge. Bad action plan in my opinion. But then again it shows how people with lots of money think nothing bad will ever happen to them. They feel like they are immune to bad things. Obviously they learned in this movie that they are not. Not by a long shot. Their money bought them an expensive home security system that was worthless. 

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The unknown man was being chased by a group of preppy bandits who just want him. Neighbors told them that their prey was being harbored in the home of the Sandins and they approach the home and ask for him back. They warn the Sandins that if they do not turn him over, they will break into the house, kill the man and their family. The family originally decides to hand him over, but has a change of heart. The Preppy bandits break through the security defenses and enter the house. Like I said, their security system was worthless. The family tries to defend themselves, they kill some of the bandits, but ultimately the Dad (Ethan Hawke) dies. As the remaining family members huddle on the stairs facing the bandits, their neighbors come over, and kill them. The family smiles and says thank you because they think they were being rescued, but the neighbors want to kill the family for themselves. Jealousy is one bad mother trucker. The unknown man shows up and takes all of their weapons away and they sit until the purge is over. Then the unknown man leaves and the neighbors go to their respective houses. That's it. The end. I would have at least thought that the suburbanite mom would have grabbed her ovaries and slaughtered the neighbors that wanted to kill her family. That would have made up for some of the stupid in this movie. But no, totally passive route to the ending.

Like I said in the beginning, I had such high expectations from this movie based on the preview but unfortunately none of them were upheld. The idea for this movie is so strong but it fizzled out for me. I think they could have done so much more here. All in all it wasn't the worst 'scary' movie I've seen, but its FAR from the best. I'm glad we didn't see this in theaters.

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