Comic Book Crazy

I would consider myself a nerdy person. I like comics, anime, video games and cosplay. But lately I've been obsessing over comic books! Partially due to my son's new interest in them and partially because I found a really cool local comic book store!

I am by no means looking for collectable/rare/specific comics. I've just grabbed some that I thought my son would like. I also found some that I am interested in. Also the Post Exchange (on military installations) gives out marvel comics. I was both surprised and impressed! I've started a small collection for my son and he loves it!

He likes marvel, but he is a hardcore DC fan. Hell, he had a batman birthday party! When I go to the library, I usually get him books for reading and a miscellaneous book. For a few weeks we had the DC complete character guide. Ashen I returned that, I found the DC universe encyclopedia....this thing is massive! But there are so many additional characters I'm sure we will have to keep this book for a while!

It's been a lot of fun going through these books and finding out about different characters. Stone of these character stories would make for great movies! Other characters weren't in that many comics but I wish they had been!