Craft It For Your Mama!

Mother's Day is fast approaching and I know a lot of people will be figuring out what to get that special 'mother' in your life. Whether its your wife, or your very own mother, how about making them something instead of buying? I never used to understand why my mom insisted we not buy her anything. I always made things for her and she always seemed really touched at that. Now I feel the same way. I prefer something handmade over store bought any day! Here are some really cool mothers day craft ideas!

1) Is this not the cutest hand decorated coffee mug ever?? Crafts By Amanda has a step by step guide to making this adorable mug. I'm sure any mom who has ever stayed up late checking on sick kids can appreciate a good (and strong) cup of coffee. And a personalized touch will make her coffee time that much more special!
Cutest Coffee Mug by Crafts By Amanda

2) If your kids are small, this is total fun to do. What kid doesn't like to make a mess! Hand and foot paintings are just the thing to do with your kids! Domestic Superhero shows that not only is this something fun to do, mom will seriously get a kick out of seeing these unique paintings!
Hand and Foot Art by Domestic Superhero

3) Here is a project for either older kids, or maybe something done by parents and kids together for Grandma! Homestories A to Z has a great tutorial for a beautiful Mason Jar Picture Frame.
Mason Jar Picture Frame by Homestories A to Z
4) Finally, we have the sweetest idea. Cookies! Well technically they are biscuits but what mom doesn't want to kick back and have someone else cook her something? Even if it is a treat, its one less thing she's got to make, and these biscuits are adorable! In The Playroom has the recipe and tutorial for these super cute treats mom will definitely love.

Adorable Treats by In The Playroom
I hope all the moms, sisters, aunts, grandmas and every other woman has a great mothers day. next week.