Powerhouse Femmes

  1. Electricity. a generating station.
  2. a person, group, team, or the like, having great energy, strength or potential for success.
When you think of the word Powerhouse, what comes to mind? For me, I think about my favorite female characters. Whether they are superheroes or action movie characters. I think of the most bad-ass women I can! Hello Michelle Rodriguez, I'm talking to you!

But in the world of superheroes, what constitutes a true powerhouse femme? Is it their 

Here are my choices for top 4 Powerhouse Femmes!

1) Storm- Ororo Munroe was my idol growing up. For any black girl, to see someone that looked like you (especially in a comic book) was a huge deal. Viewed as a goddess in Africa for her ability to change the weather.  

2) Wonder Woman-Okay, who wouldn't choose Wonder Woman as a powerhouse? She is not only an Amazon Warrior Princess, but probably one of the most badass female characters ever. Period. She is definitely one of the most powerful DC Characters. I'm a big DC

3) Jean Grey- Jean Grey is insanely powerful and uncontrollable. Her powers include telekinesis, and telepathy.

4) Power Girl-She's from Krypton in the Earth 2 reality. Her story is really similar to both Superman and Supergirl. Like both Superman and Supergirl, she has heat vision, freeze breath, ability to fly, as well as super human strength and speed. She is the CEO of her own company which is badass. But she has gone toe to toe with Wonder Woman, and actually beat her.