Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thor for Thursday


For this weeks Geek Chic post, I thought it would be appropriate to feature Thor inspired fashion on Thursday. Lets just call it THORsday! I chose to go with the classic Thor costume because I love the different colors that are involved. But lets face it, if I tried to go with Chris Hemsworth's Thor, I'd be way too distracted by how hot he is. So, lets see what we've got to work with!

Photo c/o Thor Wikipidia
Okay, now that we've taken a good look at this original Thor design, lets take a look at my not so obvious Thor inspired outfit:

1) Top can be found at: Chiara Fashion
2) Leggings can be found at: Downtown Off Price
3) Bracelet can be found at: Because I am Fabulous
4) Necklace can be found at: Bellast
5) Belt can be found at: ASOS
6) Heels can be found at: Amazon

I hope you guys are enjoying this new series here at Evon Von. Feel free to send over any suggestions or characters you'd like to be see added to this series!


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