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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Capital City Comic Con

I'm pretty stoked about going to Capital City Comic Con this weekend! I originally hadn't planned on going, but decided last minute to go. My son and I will be there on Saturday. We are only going one day since we live about an hour from Austin. Saturday is usually the best day (in my opinion) for a Con anyway. Of course we will be cosplaying, my son is wearing his Batman costume and I will be going as Cheetarah!

Every time my son and I go to a convention, we try to get as many pictures with other cosplayers as possible. But of course there are always WAY more pictures of him than of me. But I'm planning on getting more pictures of me, especially in costume! 

Anyone else that's going to CCCC, I hope to run into you (and lets snag a picture!!)

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