Now Taking Requests for Youtube

Hi guys! I hope that everyone is having an awesome day. How many times a day do you visit YouTube? Sometimes I feel like I live there, lol. Its really addicting especially when you are on a roll. In all the time that I have browsed and searched through videos on YouTube, I hadn't really considered actually making any videos up until a few months ago! I toyed with the idea, but didn't really get beyond that. Well that will all change within the next two weeks. I am planning on recording my very first YouTube video, yay!!! I might be way too excited about this. Maybe also a bit nervous, but more excited than anything. Anyone who follows me on social media, ie. twitter and instagram (you follow me there, right?) has seen my post several days ago basically saying the same thing. In my intro/FAQ video, I'll be telling you guys a little about me, as well as my website (and my online shop). I am taking requests as well as questions for this video. Anyone who has a question for me, about anything, comment with your question, or feel free to email me directly with your questions. So far I have received several different (and random) questions from some people. I love it! Seriously, don't hesitate to ask me anything you wanna know!

This weekend I will be a guest at the Lonestar Mensa Regional Gathering, and I do plan on making a little quick video of my time there, but that will be posted after my intro video. I will get together all of the questions and start recording this week and I will have it recorded, edited and ready to go within the next week and a half.

I also plan on using my YouTube channel in conjunction with this blog. That means that once I get going, I will be posting 'tutorials' (I put that loosely, because I don't know if I'm quite professional enough to give such things, lol) or my method of crafting, sewing, fabrication etc. I will also be posting cosplay updates and using YouTube for upcoming Giveaways as well. So Anyways, any questions y'all have for me, ask away!