Tuesday, September 02, 2014

5 reason why I love Roller Derby

I play roller derby. I love playing roller derby. Any chance I get, I talk about roller derby. Yes, I am obsessed. And also broken. About a month ago during practice, I broke my leg. I didn't just break it, I BROKE it. Two Breaks and three fractures to be exact. This was the first injury I've had during my fresh meat phase, and also the very first broken bone I've ever had.

I am totally out of commission for a little while even though my injury is healing quickly. But once I am healed and cleared to go, You'd better believe I will be back with a vengeance! So in the spare time that I've got (and Ive got a lot of it) I started thinking about derby and my team and I definitely came to the conclusion that roller derby is my passion. I absolutely love it! So I put together my top 5 reasons why I love roller derby.

I'm just listing these here, they are in no particular order

1) Being a part of an organized sport. I played a few sports in high school but then I went to a 2 year community college, so there were no sports activities. After college, unless you train for Olympics, or are drafted to be on a major team, there's little left for you. You can seek out groups that play sports ever so often, and roller derby is something that I tried many times to pursue, but I guess it just wasn't my time yet. Finding roller derby has reignited my competitiveness, athleticism, and drive!

2) Playing a sport is a physical activity, which I cannot get enough of. I go to the gym, but after a while that becomes mundane. But when skating, its so much fun I actually forget that I'm giving my body a workout. I love the feeling of sweating like a pig. I know that sounds kinda gross, but I know that if I am sweating profusely at the end of practice, I've been pushing through it and working hard. My teammates are always encouraging each other to push harder.

3) Having fun or nostalgia for some. When I was a kid, everyone went to the skating rink to skate. I think I may have gone two times. I didn't know how to skate. I was deathly afraid of skating. I tried a few times and either ended up falling and crawling my way to the side, or just slamming into the rails. Now, I'm still not that great at skating, but its fun! It makes me think of all the things I missed out on when I was a kid, and it makes me happy to finally do it!

4) Promoting. Street teaming used to be one of the things I LOVED doing. Promoting bands, clubs, bars, that was my thing. Because our team is new, we've got to get the word out. Honestly promoting your league is important regardless of how big, small, new or old it is. But I LOVE promoting. Blogging, social media, you name it I am trying to cover it. Plus its for something that I am so passionate about and I love so much!

5) Camaraderie. After my first practice (which I was SO nervous to go to), I felt like I was a part of a family. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, it was a very good experience. There were no attitudes, no one was mean or rude, everyone was nice, sweet, and hilarious! Everyone was having fun and I loved the atmosphere. When I got home, I found my teammates on Facebook and I think they out number the amount of friends I had before! Everyone talks online, makes plans, its so awesome. The support everyone gives each other is amazing. I feel like I've found something that is so special to me. I love roller derby and I love my derby family!

Like I said, I feel passionate about roller derby so these are just my top 5 reasons that I love it. I have many more. If you've ever been curious about roller derby, I urge you to search your local area and see if there is a league in your town. Women and men (yes, there are men's roller derby leagues out there!)

Please show your support and go like our leagues' roller derby Facebook Page HERE


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