Edge of Tomorrow

A few days late for Movie Monday, but its worth it, hehe!

Edge of Tomorrow was such a good movie! I totally wasn't expecting it to be, honestly I only vaguely remember seeing a preview or two. I wasn't completely sure what it was even about. Sometimes that's a good thing.

Starting off, there is an alien invasion that was consuming Europe. These aliens are called Mimics. Tom Cruise is a US military officer (that has never been in combat) that is invited to London to speak with a General. He ultimately gets thrown into the forefront of the war. He is asked to join and cover the event (seeing as how he is a US Public relations officer) but he refuses. Then he threatens to blackmail the general, gets arrested, tazed and wakes up aboard a vessel that is on its way to France. He gets labeled a deserter, and finds himself back down to the rank of private. He is assigned to a crew, and they are quickly dropped in the middle of the fight due to an attack on their plane. Not soon after landing, Cage (Tom Cruise) is killed by an Alpha (a rare Mimic).

He then wakes up the same exact way that he woke up earlier in the day. He is understandably confused by this and tries telling everyone, but of course no one listens. The day progresses exactly the same and he ultimately dies on the battlefield again. He wakes up exactly the same again. Goes through the day and tries to save his fellow soldiers since he knew what would happen to them.

Each time he dies, he progresses a little more through the day. Then he sees Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), who is hailed the "Angel of Verdun". She tells him to find her when he wakes up. She helps Cage understand why he keeps reliving the day he died, and tells him that she too went through the same. They have to find what is called the Omega, and kill it. The war with the Mimics would not end well for humanity unless they kill the Omega. Cage eventually starts to see visions of where the Omega is hidden. Each day Cage has to go through the sequences of the same thing, going into battle, finding Rita, and trying to find the Omega. Each time they get a little bit closer. He becomes attached to her and you start to feel bad because he watches her die over and over. At one point the two of them were shot (off the battlefield, they were able to find a way to get out after lots of trial and dying) and Cage receives a blood transfusion and loses his ability to relive the next day. This was the same thing that happened to Rita some time before. So they continue through the day, knowing that this would ultimately be the last day they would be able to try and save humanity. Under water, they find the Omega and Cage blows it up with grenades right after being punctured in the spine by an Alpha. After it explodes, all of the Mimics die. In the water he is surrounded by blue substance which goes into his eyes and nose and he wakes up at the very beginning of his day. Back to his flight to London to meet with the General. But this time, things go much differently. The General is holding a press conference saying that they are succeeding on the battlefield. Instead of Cage's rank being taken, he is still a Major. He walks aboard the same vessel, sees the soldiers he was fighting with (of course they don't know who he is), and finds Rita in the same vessel and says hello, but he gets teary eyed. Then the credits cut in. 

I have to say, this was a really great movie. I enjoyed all of the action and the story was surprisingly nice. This movie is a mix between Groundhog Day, and Source Code, but in my opinion, way better! I'd totally watch it again!