Homemade Tater Tot Recipe

This recipe is super easy. There are less than five ingredients and it doesn't take much work at all! First, you need some potatoes! You need to peel them and boil them in salted water for approximately 20 minutes.  Make sure you don't over cook them! If they are mushy, you won't be able to shred them.

I just grabbed 7
Taters are boiling away!
 After they are done, let them cool down a little. You want them to still be warm when you shred them, but you still want to be able to handle them without burning your fingers!
lettin' them cool down
Shred those bad boys into a bowl. Sprinkle in salt and pepper, and one and a half tablespoons of all purpose flour. Lightly mix, but be careful not to mush up your taters.

Tater Shreds!
 Form them into small cylinders and line them up on a greased baking sheet. I greased my cookie sheet with vegetable oil.
lined up in rows
Brush the top of your tots lightly with oil and sit in your oven. Cook approximately 20 minutes. (Personally, I started with my cookie sheet in the middle and then put it on the bottom rack).
checked at the 10 minute mark and switched racks

Flip each tot, and then cook for another 20 minutes!
super golden
 Now you're done with your homemade tater tots! If you make a bunch, you can freeze some as well!

 All you have to do now is chow down. You're hungry now, right?!