How do you Measure Success

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How do you measure success? I don't think there is an all around, cookie cutter way to describe success. I think it's different for every person. We all have challenges, setbacks and obstacles to get over. And what looks like improvement to me, may not be the same for you. Often times we get so caught up in comparing our progression with others, that we lose sight of how far we have come ourselves. I know that I have a hard time not comparing myself to other people. Sometimes its bad.  I compare myself to other people way too much. I need to stop, I know. When you compare yourself a lot of the time, you get worn out and stressed out. I don't need that right now. I'm working on it, but its hard.

My biggest stresses are from crafting and roller derby. Let me explain:

1) Crafting: I love crafting.I love sewing, painting, making jewelry, everything. But I don't know if other people like the things I make as much as I do. I love the different things I make, and I want other people to love them as much as me. When I create something, I don't do it with other people in mind, I make it because I like it. I don't know if that's good or bad or what, hehe. When I go to list things in my shop, I have a mini panic attack. "What if nobody likes it?" I almost cripple myself with the fear of rejection. Then I think of other people who make both similar and completely different items, I see how much they sell, I see their fan base, and then I begin doubting myself. I second guess my own creativity, my own ability, and then it spirals into crazy town.

But I have to remind myself that The world is a big place, sometimes people will like you (or your creations) and sometimes they wont. You cant get a huge following right off the bat. It takes time to develop your business, hone your skills, and get customers. Patience, dedication and persistence is key. These are the things I remind myself of every day. I check my stats, but I don't get down if I don't see as many views as I'd like. every day I do something beneficial for my business and I am proud of the progress I am making. Yes I can always make improvements, but I have done a lot of things that I am proud of. I don't plan to give this up, I plan to keep pressing, keep working, and keep crafting. I WILL achieve my goals!

2) Roller Derby: When I first started with my team, I was the definition of Fresh Meat. I was wobbly, uncoordinated, and fell all the time. Seriously, I fell all the time. My helmet appropriately had the sticker "BOOM" on it...I think my max for one practice was like 10 or so. But I felt like I was making a bit of progress and then I broke my leg. Words cannot express how frustrated I was. I wanted to skate so bad, I wanted to feel a part of my team. I went to practices, watched them skate, watched them scrimmage, and got more upset with myself.

I continued to go to practices to be around my derby family. Being there, showing my support made me feel like I'm still a part of the team. Once I was in my boot, I would do as much of the off skate endurance and exercises as I could. Baby steps. I worked on things like my derby stance and crossovers and balance and stability at home. I wanted to do everything I could to be ready when the time came. After getting my boot off, I was doing physical therapy and slowly was able to reintegrate with my team. Now that I have been cleared for skating, I am so happy! I still have to work on a few things like falls and stops, but surprisingly I didn't have to start all over. My body remembered a lot and I feel very comfortable and stable back on my skates! Tiny victory by getting back on my skates. Next goal is to play in a bout. I am working my way up the success ladder with derby but I'm enjoying the climb, and not getting down about it.

Success, progress, however you look at it, it will come. But its not the same for everyone. We have to take what we've got, not get down about it, figure out what we can do, and make it happen!