TTTattoo: The Temporary Tattoo Store

I'm excited to tell you guys about TTTattoos! They are a company based in Barcelona, Spain and they specialize in temporary tattoos. On  their website, you have the option of purchasing one of their pre-made designs, or designing your very own. How cool is that? If you've been thinking about getting a tattoo but aren't ready to commit 100% this is a great option for you! They have tons of designs to choose from and it's really easy to navigate their website.

Recently I had the opportunity to try out some of their products and I have to say I was impressed. Although they came all the way from Barcelona, the shipping was pretty fast! It came in a cute little package, neatly laid out with instructions.

My package

Pictured above, my package consisted of two ice cream cone designs, a question mark, and a pair of glasses. My son got one ice cream cone and the question mark.

The glasses were my favorite. Aren't they cute?? the following pictures show the glasses on two different days. The picture on the left was immediately after applying the tattoo. The one on the right was 5 days later. I was really surprised that it stayed on for so long. I am always sewing, crafting, and washing my hands. This tattoo help up to me washing my hands about 4 times a day as well as everyday wear and tear. Unfortunately my son was unable to keep his on (no temporary tattoos allowed at school. BOOO!!) but if he were, I'm sure that they would have held up a while too. Like I said earlier, I was extremely impressed with the quality of these tattoos! I am really thinking about designing my own tattoo and trying that out next. Once I do, I will definitely update you guys on how that one goes as well

I really enjoyed trying these TTTattoo temporary tattoos out. It was a fin change that isn't permanent. So when I change my mind (which i usually do often) I'm able to try out something new. I think you guys should definitely check them out. I have included a link to their website on my sidebar. Give them a look, and try them out! Design your own temporary tattoo!

This article has been sponsored by TTTattoos.