Birthday Party Prep

Its almost time for my sons birthday!! This year he went back and forth a little until he finally decided what he wanted his theme to be:

He decided on a Star Wars theme! I have to say, although I love superheroes, I'm glad he chose a different theme this year. So we have the major things worked out, his cake should be made and ready by his birthday party. He would like to be Han Solo. That is exciting! And simple enough to make also. So I will be getting things together to make his costume this week. It shouldn't take long at all either! I'm going to be Princess Leia. That is going to be fun! I've never had/made a star wars costume before so this is going to be new but really fun. Sadly, my husband is probably going to be out in the field for this one. I hate that he is going to miss not only our sons birthday, but his birthday party as well. Oh, and we are going to have a death star pinata. He's really stoked about it too. I seached online far and wide and found some really awesome tutorials on making it, so I will more than likely get started tomorrow once he is at school. That way I can paper mache it without distraction, and I can get it completely paper mache'd, painted, filled and then we can figure out where exactly to do this at lol.

Because his birthday is the beginning of February, its always a toss up for the weather. Last year there was snow outside! The year before that, it was nice, semi-warm and the kids could play outside! So this year I'm going to plan for a little bit of both. Hopefully it will be nice outside so the kids can play out there and get some fresh air. I'm planning some outdoor games as well as indoor ones, just in case. I'm not going to go all out and crazy like we did last year, but this year i am still hoping to have a solid 4 games/activities for the kids to do. I might even play Star Wars on the TV during the party.

I know that over the next weekend we will be watching all three Star Wars movies. I mean the ORIGINAL Star Wars Movies. I really try to ignore the other add ons that came out, the original three are all that matter (in my mind). I also want to have a Photo Booth area. I don't have an instant camera, but if I can find a cheap one on Craigslist, I'm going for it. Id love to be able to give people their photos immediately, instead of trying to coordinate with their parents and print or email them. Anyway that will be something that I work up later. I know my son is excited for this party, is it weird that I'm about as excited as he is?