Goals For the New Year

Hellooooo 2015! I hope that everyone had a great holiday season! As we start the new year, I know a lot of people are getting started on their new years resolutions. I think last new year I said that I wasn't going to make any new years resolutions, and this year will be only slightly different. Instead of 'resolutions' I am making goals. That sounds a lot better, right (he he)? Ive got two different categories for my goals: personal and other.

Personal goals are few, but important I think:

  • Focus on self, not other peoples opinions. I am a very self conscious person. I find myself always worried about other peoples opinions and thoughts of me. This year, I want to focus more on accepting and loving myself. I think I have come a long way as far as my own image of myself, but I know that I have a lot of work to do still. Confidence is my weak point. Online, I guess I feel more confident, comfortable and at ease, but in person, I think I look too much into peoples expressions, words, attitude etc. For some reason I feel like its something I did or they are responding negatively towards me. I need to stop it, but its hard when you've thought that way for a long time.
  • Take care of my body. I know that a lot of people say that they want to lose weight around this time of year. While I want to do the same, I don't plan of going balls to the wall and killing myself to get there. I know that I have a tendency to have huge goals and maybe they are more long term than anything. But making long term goals without short term ones always screws me up. So I am taking baby steps. Working on my diet, eating healthier, more often (meals and snacks), and smaller portion sizes. I have started doing some exercising at home, but working my way up to more activity. With Roller Derby I get a lot of cardio. We do an hour and a half of off skate endurance training (a LOT of endurance work and ab work etc.) but I know that I do need to supplement my exercising when we don't have practice. 

My other goals range from all kinds of things:

  • Organization. I don't consider myself a slob, but I'm also not a neat freak. Organized chaos is my thing, lol. It drives my husband crazy, but I cant help it! I need to be more organized! Everything from my closets, to my craft room. And that bad boy is a liiitle insane now. I can get things straight, but eventually it will end up looking crazy again. I will be working to keep things organized and neat.
  • Increasing my productivity. I have seriously been slacking with my blog. My motivation level all around has been in a slump. But I am determined to correct that. One thing that really helped me earlier this year (and previous years) was to keep an editorial calendar. So today, I ran out to the store and got myself a monthly planner for 2015. Ive got my sticky notes ready to put in there, and I'll start working on a consistent schedule for posting articles. I also want to be more productive with my etsy shop. I have added things here and there, but I want to add more. Variety is really what I want in my shop. I blame that on not being able to make a solid decision on one niche. I have a list of items to create and work on in the next month. I want to get them finished and promoted.
  • Style, fashion, and wardrobe improvements. This coincides with my blog a bit I think. I see a lot of women who are very stylish and fashion forward. Being a stay at home mom doesn't really allow me a lot of opportunities to dress up, but I want to make a point to do it anyway. It might be a tad ridiculous being all dressed up with nowhere to go, but I plan on posting more outfit articles. Outfit of the day i guess. Ive got a good amount of clothes I want to alter, so I may loop sewing 'tutorial' and outfit articles together. I haven't worked out the kinks on this, but I will eventually.
  • YouTubing it! I have a YouTube channel. Did you know that?! ha ha I have it and I have uploaded ONE video. Several months ago. I want to utilize this, but I have neglected it. But with all of the things going on with my shop, cosplay, and maybe even cooking, I can use that channel for a lot of things. This will be worked out when I go through my editorial calendar. I will try to post a video every other week (that sounds ambitious, so maybe once a month) unless I am working on quick projects.

I think that the goals I've set for myself this year are attainable. I just need to be consistent and persistent and not give up. Did you set goals or make resolutions this year? What are they?