Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

Over the Christmas break, my family has been playing Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance NON-STOP. This is a really cool game, even though its not that new (it came out a little under two years ago, February 2013). Both my husband and son love hack and slash games, so this was perfect for them, lol. I didn't play, but honestly, I have to fight to get the Xbox, so I just let them have fun. I loved watching all the action, cut scenes and story line, but I found myself in awe of their costuming. So much so that I started thinking about how to make it. Okay, okay, I know I said i didn't want to add any more cosplays to my list, but these are so freaking cool!!

Raiden (the main character):

Doesn't he look badass?! Another character (my favorite one) is Mistral:

In that first picture, do you see that weapon?? Do you see her freaking weapon!? Its an arm pole. A pole made of robot arms. Do you know how bad I want to make that?!

I keep trying to tell myself that I am not going to add any more cosplays, but I think i can make an exception for Metal Gear Rising.