My Favorite Mobile Apps

I love having portable technology.  Our cellphones and tablets do so much,  the only thing that could improve them would be the ability to make us food. Dear Verizon, I like pizza. Just throwing that out there. But seriously there are so many useful apps out there, here are some of my favorites!

Bubbles3- I love this game. I know, I know, its a silly bubble popping game. My husband hates it, but I love this kind of game to pass time. If I'm waiting for my sons bus to come, or waiting at the pharmacy, I always sit and play this. It actually does make time go by a lot faster than just sitting there twirling your thumbs. This game is free!

JeFit Pro- This app comes as both a free app, or you can purchase the pro version. I have started using this to create and log my workouts. As stated shortly after the new year, I am slowly changing things, so this allows me to keep track of the activity I do. I like being able to see what I have been working on with my body. You can create your own workouts, or download workout programs to your mobile device.

My Fitness Pal- I use this app in conjunction with JeFit. This app I log my eating. Nutrition is my absolute worst everything. I mean, its awful. I always remember the phrase "Abs are made in the kitchen". and I know that if i fix my eating, that will help me lose weight and become healthy. But, baby steps, y'know? So I use My Fitness Pal to keep track of what I'm eating, how much I'm eating, and how many calories I consume daily.

Pinterest- Although I don't really think I need to explain having Pinterest on my phone, I will say, I love checking pinterest. I always find amazing recipes, fitness info, fashion, style, cosplay, sewing....everything.

Sell on Etsy- This app (along with the reader pictured below) makes me love being an Etsy seller so much more. Their reader, along side with their mobile app, allows you to sell items via etsy. That way you don't have to try and keep up with sales from more than one location. Everything goes through etsy, its consolidated, and easy to track. Etsy, I love you!

Instagram- Because I'm an over-sharer! I always post pictures of random things.

SquareDroid- SquareDroid has really taken the pain out of Instagram. Well, let me clarify, there isn't a pain with instagram, other than trying to fit an entire picture into a small square. SquareDroid fixes that! It takes your image, whatever size, and creates an even square around it. It blurs or color blocks the outside of your picture, framing it. BOOM, no more cutoff photos!

Photo Grid- If you want to share more than one image, but don't want to make like three or four posts in a row, make a photo grid! That way you aren't spamming your social media accounts with a ton of pictures, they are all nice and neat in one cute framed picture. You can change the layout of the frames to nearly any shape and configuration. Easy peasy!

My Days- This one is for woman things, y'know. Because its hard enough for me to remember what I did yesterday, let alone a month ago

** This list was generated on my own, without the influence of any company or representative for any of these apps. I use these apps on a daily basis (like, seriously. Probably more than once a day). **