My Ultimate Fried Rice Recipe

Fried rice is probably one of my favorite things to eat. It's also one of the easiest things ever to cook!

My family and I love fried rice.  It's simple,  fast and oh so delicious (seriously, there are never leftovers). The very first step with this recipe, is to have some rice. I always use a rice cooker because we tend to go through a lot of rice. Ideally day old rice is best, but it's not a requirement. I usually make 4cup batches of sticky rice. Once your rice is cooked or ready, sit it off to the side.

This hodgepodge of ingredients includes: butter, carrots, broccoli, Italian sausage, soy sauce, salt and pepper. Also two eggs. But we'll save the eggs for later.

Cut up and brown your sausage.  Once browned, cut carrots and broccoli and mix with your sausage. Add in some butter.

Once your veggies start getting tender, grab your paddle and dump in some rice! I always just eyeball it. Mix the rice in well and add a pinch of pepper, and soy sauce to taste.

It looks good now, yes?!

Back to those two eggs...fry/scramble them and add a tiny bit of salt and pepper to it.

Dump the scrambled egg over your fried rice and mix it through!

This last step is not necessary, but is something that I always do.  I use a variation of these fried rice flavor mixes when I make fried rice. This particular one is garlic, but my favorite is a crab & shrimp combo. I love across the street from an Asian grocer, so this item might only be found at specialty stores. Like I said though, totally not necessary to do.

Now you're ready to stuff your face!!