The Equalizer

This week's Movie Monday post is about The Equalizer, with Denzel Washington.

I remember watching the preview for this movie, but like most movie previews I see, I forgot about it once it came out in theaters. My husband mentioned it to me a few weeks ago, since it came out at the Redbox, so we watched it.

Denzel Washington plays Robert McCall, a quiet reserved man, living a quiet life. He works at a home improvement store. He is a very routine oriented man, and you can tell that he has not always lived a simple life. He always goes to a diner at the same time each night/morning, and talks to a young woman named Teri. She is a prostitute, and Robert already knows that. One night the two of them talk and he ends up walking with her to take her home I think. A car rolls up and these Russian mob guys take her and stuff her in the car. They tell Robert, that this girl is "no good" and give him a card to find another girl (I guess they think he is looking for a good time). He finds out that she has been beaten and that basically sets him on a rampage to find and kill the people who did that to her. He offers them money to buy her freedom, but when they laugh at him and refuse, he just kills them. He finds out that her owners are connected with the Russian mob, and one by one works his way up basically killing everyone. This was a pretty good movie, I have to admit. Although the build up was kind of slow, I did enjoy all of the action! Its a Denzel Washington movie, I don't expect him to play in any bad movies!