Radha Beauty Products

I recently had the opportunity to work with Rhada Beauty. As a partner with Brand Backer, I was able to try their Intensive Youth Eye Serum to review. I was extremely excited to try this product because ever since I turned 30, I feel like I'm getting old. I swear I keep finding grey hairs and wrinkles. Sign me up for any wrinkle cream out there. But Rhada's Intensive Youth Eye Serum isn't just any wrinkle cream. This serum was great to try out. According to the box, it does everything from reduce dark circles, wrinkles, puffiness and sagging skin. It even says it increases elasticity and enhances skin tone. At first I was pretty skeptical because honestly, a lot of skin serums claim to to do the same thing. One of the many things I noticed that set Rhada Beauty were their ingredients. The majority of the ingredients listed were plant based. That's usually not the case with most beauty creams. 

I followed the directions of the box, and used a dab of the eye gel both in the morning and in the evening. I put some on my forehead, under my eyes, and out onto my cheeks (and the sides of my mouth because I have killer laugh lines....like, really bad). My immediate reaction was interest. I wasn't looking in the mirror when I initially applied the gel, so I didn't physically watch my face change. But when I took a quick look in the mirror, I did notice a change. It wasn't a drastic change, but my laugh lines didn't dig deep into my cheeks. That was pretty awesome to see. I knew that this was only a temporary fix, being as how I had just started using the eye serum. But I do like the fact that it plumped up my lines and wrinkles.

These two photos are from the initial day I started using the Intensive Youth Eye Serum:

These two Photos are from three days later:

This photo was the fourth day:

And here is my face after one week:

Between the first day and the third day, I believe that was when I saw the most difference. It could be that I have started to get used to the changes in my face. I definitely have noticed my wrinkles and lines have diminished a bit. And the dark circles under my eyes haven't been as noticeable. My skin tone does also look more even (and I have struggled with this quite a bit). I am very happy with the results I've achieved with this product, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone having issues with wrinkles, dark spots and overall tone. Visit Amazon HERE to learn more, read reviews and purchase so that you can try it out for yourself!

**This post about Rhada beauty products, has been sponsored by Brandbacker. A sample was provided in order for me to review.