Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead

Lets talk about Dead Snow 2. This nugget of awesomeness was on Netflix and yesterday my husband and I watched it. First let me say, that I love zombie movies. Since a lot of other people love them to, there are a lot of zombie movies. That means a lot of BAAAAAAD zombie movies, he he. I probably should have watched the first Dead Snow, but it is what it is. The main character gave a pretty good recap on what happened in the first one, so I didn't feel like i was missing any info. But the movie basically jumped right into the story and action.

Martin was the lone survivor of a horde of zombie Nazis. They attacked everyone that was staying with him in a cabin. Martin was bitten on the arm by a zombie but before he turned, he chainsawed his own arm off. He made it to his car and almost got away from the zombies but he realized he had one last piece of their gold (apparently they were after it in the first movie). They bum rushed his car, holding onto the sides and trying to get in. The last piece of gold was tossed out of the window and the leader Herzog had his arm ripped off which landed in the passenger seat, although Martin didn't realize it. He passed out in the car and woke up in the hospital, handcuffed and with the zombie arm attached.

This starts the movie off on a humorous, gory killing streak of the zombie arm is unbelievably strong. Car ornaments lodged into heads, which turns into impalement, endocrine systems being ripped out (okay that one didn't happen, but hearts, intestines and brains did get ripped out throughout the movie). This movie is set in Norway, so the sense of humor is a bit different than the American sense of humor. Martin comes in contact with what he thinks is a big zombie hunting group, called the Zombie Squad. The zombie squad turns out to be three people.

The group finds Martin and they go on an epic quest to destroy the zombie Nazi army. How do you do a thing like this?? By bringing your own World War 2 Russian Zombies back to life so that they can fight along with you, of course!

In the end, Martin and his Zombie Squad are victorious and they defeat the Nazi Zombies (the Russian Zombies basically get killed in the final battle). This was such an entertaining movie. I didn't have high hopes when we started watching, but it definitely surprised me! This movie was fun, cheeky, violent (i mean, its a zombie movie), and gory (again...ZOMBIE MOVIE!). I really loved it! Now I think I need to watch the first one, just because!