Faora Ul

It's no secret, I love Man of Steel  (mainly for Michael Shannon As General Zod, but that's a whole different story). In Man of Steel, we are introduced to Commander Faora Ul. She is one badass woman! This Kryptonian warrior fights for General Zod and battles against Kal-El (Superman). Being from the same planet as Kal El, she also has the same abilities as he does (x-ray vision, heat vision, super strength, etc.).

I love her character. Truly, I love to see a strong female character in a movie. Not some frail, helpless woman. Faora is anything but helpless. She doesnt hesitate to fight, or do whatever needs to be done to ensure the plans of General Zod are met.

I've watched Man of Steel more times than I should mention, but every time I watch it, I become slightly more obsessed with her armor than the last time. I finally decided, you know what, I'm going to cosplay her! So after doing a TON (I mean a ton, holy crap) of research, reference photos, and sketches, Ive started working on her! IVe gotten both arms almost done, and one shoulder. It may not sound like much, but these alone have had some time put in. I was originally not planning on wearing this anytime soon, but now I am really considering wearing it for The Heart of Texas Comic Con in a week or so. If i can get it done in time that is!