The Hot Con

In my previous blog post, I told you guys that I would be cosplaying Faora. I also told you guys that I wanted to have this costume finished by the Time the Heart of Texas Comic Con rolled around! The Heart of Texas Comic Con (or The Hot Con as we love to call it) is being held in Waco. I believe this is their third go around, and it seems to have blossomed into something really awesome! This is my first time attending the Hot Con and I am really stoked to go! It is the weekend of the 20-22 which is in one week!! Hopefully I'll be able to go to the next con they have as well. Although its mid March, this is my first Con of the year. I'm glad It will be in Waco, as I have not really spent any time there before.

 As I said i have the arms almost done, I'm just missing an elbow. Ive got one shoulder done, but the other one I need to redo. Currently I'm working on the worst part....the chest piece/breastplate. This thing is such a pain!!!! Granted this is my first breastplate but still, its a pain to figure out. Eventually I would love to get wonderflex or worbla, but that is sooo expensive! So everything I'm doing is with EVA foam (the fingers are 2 (maybe 3) mm, but the arms are 5 mm for the base, and 2 mm for overlays.

template for hand armor (had to redo the hand though)

after 4 coats of glue to seal, I finally painted them

heavy weathering time

left bracer shaped and sealing

left hand and arm armor!

left & right armor so far (although the left is on the right, and the right is on the left here)

trying to figure out placement before adding straps

Straps added to the bicep. Now figuring out placement of the thigh thingeroos.
partial side view of the bicep.

Okay so that's my progress so far. I am currently taking a break from working on the breast plate, because its a little difficult! Making a breastplate and an upper body armoured piece is hard as hell with craft foam and this is my first time trying something like this. The collar had a lot to do with my problems with it. To be honest, I tried to make one and totally messed it up. So I am trying a second time and I think I learned a lot from my screw up. So this one will be much better, as I am figuring a lot of things out with this. Oh and I need to get more straps and buckles for it because I'm trying to figure out how I will get it on and off, he he!

My kiddo is on spring break this coming week so I wont have all day to work on it, but I think a few hours a day and I should be done with the breast plate. I made mock ups of the shoulder pads and they will be less difficult. I may start working on the knees and the shin guards when I need a break from the breastplate. But i am very hopeful that I will have this baby done for The Hot Con. I will post again within the week with an update on my progress! Wish me luck in finishing this in time!!!