This weeks Movie Monday post is about Lucy starring Scarelett Johansson.

I Love love love the concept of this movie. I'm sure many of us have wondered what it would be like to use more of our brains capacity. This movie takes you through a journey of what happens to Lucy. Starting from getting mixed up with drug traffickers. She is forced to smuggle a lot of some kind of new synthetic drug in her stomach. After being kicked, the bag containing the drugs leaks out and gets into her system. This starts her journey to using more of her brain. She becomes almost like a super human being able to heal herself quickly, not feel pain, and even use telekinesis. She seeks out Professor Samuel Norman in hopes that he can help her (he has written a lot of articles and given speeches about humans and brain capacity usage). The rest of the movie is about her increased brain usage and the drug lord that originally was using her as a mule tracking her down. 

I had really high hopes for the movie from the previews. It definitely looked amazing. But after watching it, it seems like the end, like a lot of movies, fizzles out. It seemed like they were building up to something that could have been great, but instead they were just kinda done. Originality wise, this movie was great. But i definitely don't see myself watching it again or suggesting it to other people. 

Nerdy love to ya!

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