Take Back Mondays

I love this gif. I really love this gif. For the life of me, I cant remember where I got it, but I love it. Most of us think about Mondays and are filled with anxiety for the upcoming week. The thought of going back to work after enjoying a nice weekend can really get to you, bringing you down. But instead of letting that get to you, why not change your frame of mind about Mondays?

The past week I have been working on changing my frame of mind. This is with everything. I want to be more of a positive person so I have tried to correct and block out negativity. When I hear myself saying something negative, or even thinking it I make a conscious effort to say to myself, "No, nope not going to even let these words out. Be happy, be positive." To some it might seem corny, but after saying it enough times, I know that it will become automatic. That's what I want. I want to be happier with myself through and through. Both physically, mentally and everything in between.

Getting back to the Monday stuff...lets change the way we think about Mondays! Lets think of them as the beginning of productivity? The beginning of another chance to make the most out of the week. I'm sure people who don't enjoy their jobs are thinking, how in the world can I do this?? Well, start small! Everything has a starting point but that doesn't mean that its some huge, dramatic start. Think of things on the day to day. Small victories. You finished the work day and didn't want to curse everyone out! That's a victory, right? From there, things can only go up! Getting one more piece/part of work done, getting all your calls made, whatever kind of job you have, start little and build yourself up! So instead of dreading the upcoming work week, think about this gif. Run up on Monday, grab it by the neck and body slam your work week . Own that shit!
Nerdy love to ya!

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