Zatanna Cosplay Photos

I've been working on so many random cosplays lately and I have just now chilled out and taken a good look at what I've got going on. In doing so, I decided to make some upgrades to my Zatanna cosplay. This costume was originally put together last year for my presentation at the LoneStar Mensa regional gathering. I wore it and stashed it away. When I got it out I noticed a few things that I wanted to change. I used my corset! This was purchased a few months ago. I cannot begin to tell you guys how much this has already payed off! I should have invested in a corset a LOOOONG time ago! In addition to adding a corset, I changed the fishnets. My original fishnets were the extremely large hole ones. They looked decent, but they tangled something fierce! After about 10 minutes trying to untangle them, they went straight into the trash! The fishnets I replaced them with have holes that are larger than standard fishnets, but they are nowhere near as big as the first ones, and these have not tangled at all. I also redid my gloves. The first pair I made were decent, but they were a bit on the tight side. I made a second pair that were a little more loose in the fingers. A little change made a huge difference! I also wore heels for these photos. No bright green cast this time! Seriously, I had a green cast on my leg because this was a week, maybe two weeks after breaking my leg. Now that I'm able to walk normally, heels were a must! I'll leave you guys now with my photos, let me know what you guys think!!

Nerdy love to ya!

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