Friday, June 12, 2015

How to be a Psycho

Whoa, did I catch you by surprise? In case you were starting to get nervous, I'm not talking about being one of those psychos, I mean one of these psychos:

Borderlands is a really cool game series and i was pretty excited to work on a Psycho cosplay for my kiddo. The very first (and most important) part I chose to tackle was the mask. Let's face it, that's how you know they are a psycho! After searching around online, I found a Pepakura file for the mask ( I'll go into an in depth explanation about Pepakura in another post, but basically it is paper folding). So I printed, cut out, glued, and applied resin to the mask. If you haven't tried paper folding or paper crafting, I would recommend it. The only down side to paper crafting is that you have to have a good amount of patience. A lot of the files for things such as masks are complicated. Although this Psycho mask only printed on 3 sheets of card stock. There are some that are extremely difficult, and those babies use 10+ sheets of card stock. That's a lot! But as I've stated, I'll be talking about Pepakura in an entirely separate post.

Here you can see the finished mask. There are no attachments to keep it on, and the eye holes are completely covered still. My son just wanted to put it on so bad, so I let him.

I used a fiberglass resin mix in order to harden this mask. This was my very first project to add resin to, so I was both excited and nervous. I only added one coat to the outside. While that was enough for my nerves for the first time applying, I think that I really should have added a coat to the inside or a second coat to the outside at the least. It held up nice, so that's great.

The next thing I wanted to work out was the Buzz Axe that they carry. 

reference photo from

I tried to find good reference pictures and then decided to make a template. I feel like I kiiiinda got an alright shape, but it definitely wasn't accurate. I made a template out of paper, and then traced and cut it out on 5mm foam.
crappy paper template

cutting pieces out of foam
Once I had the base pieces cut out, I started to seal my foam. Yes, those are googly eyes. They are going to make great rivets once I get to the painting stage!
googly eyes!!
Painting time, yay! See, You'd never know there were googly eyes under there. Before I adhered the 'blade' to the rest of the weapon, I made sure to paint it with a bright silver. I didn't have any chrome spray paint, but that would have been better. Once it was dry, I glued it (using contact cement) to the part that makes up the handle. Then I painted the handle. I didn't have brown paint, so I mixed several shades and alternated different layers until I got a shade of brown I was happy with.

Then I tried weathering it, but I'm not that good at it. I do like the way it turned out though!

The final thing (that wound up taking too much time) was the pants. Psychos have bright orange pants with cell shading. For the life of me, I could not find a pair of orange pants! I searched and searched every thrift store around here and nothing! I decided that I was going to dye a pair of pants. Well, Polyester doesn't take dye. I learned that the hard way. So instead, I dyed a pair of my sons khakis. Although its not as bright as I was hoping for, they are still orange and you can still see the cell shading. I did the shading with a sharpie while waiting for paint to dry. Because the convention was in June, in central Texas, we opted not to do any cell shading on his body, so he just wore a tank and some fingerless gloves.

Nerdy love to ya!

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