Marvel Loves the Kids

First, let me say that I have a lot of love for DC. Batman was the very first superhero (errr, I guess crime fighter fits better?) I was introduced to so he is my absolute favorite. But I also am a huge Marvel fan. Especially now, this is the perfect time to be a comic book fan, regardless of if you have prior knowledge or not. My whole family has been loving Marvel lately. The reason being, Marvel loves the kids. They seem to have things everywhere for kids, and I'm not just talking toys. Case and point, Marvels story books. These books (especially the five minute stories) are gold! If you want to introduce your children to marvel characters, these are definitely the best route in my opinion. It'll save you TONS of explaining especially for younger kids. Each story is accurately about five minutes long and are great bed time stories. We normally read two each night. My kiddo loves the stories even though he is already familiar with almost all of the characters talked about in these books. Be loves to talk to me about the stories after I finished reading them. Like most kids, he has a lot of questions, and a good number of his questions are ridiculous and don't make a lot of sense. But I still love the fact that he not only comprehended my reading to him, he also is using his imagination to try and come up with scenarios that could go with the characters or the story line. I love anything that helps him to be creative and imaginative.

My son's first favorite Marvel character was Spiderman. His bed set is decked out in Spiderman stuff, so the first Marvel book we got was the 5 minute Spiderman Stories book. Although he was familiar with characters such as Sandman, and Doc. Oc, he was introduced to characters he had never heard of such as Kraven and Mysterio. He loves learning about different characters, especially when it comes to what their abilities are!

Sadly, we have finished all three of these books, so we are now on the hunt for more. If you're on the hunt for cool books to read to boys AND girls, I highly recommend these to you. These are a great starting point for littles!

*These books were purchased by me. I was not compensated for writing this review! I'm just a nerdy mom, who loves sharing nerdy things with my kiddo!

Nerdy love to ya!

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