Be the Anti Hero

Be the...Anti-Hero? What's an Anti-Hero? Well first, lets take a look at a Hero. defines a hero two ways:

  1. a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.
  2. A person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal: "He was a local hero when he saved the drowning child."
My first thought on a Hero kinda guy is Superman. A Selfless man, always willing to save and protect others. He is always putting the safety of others before himself and trying to protect humanity no matter what. He's the kind of person that is loved, adored, and people are always happy seeing him, hearing about him, or just about anything that can relate to him!

Okay so now that we have that part covered, what about an Anti-Hero? also has a definition for this type of person as well:
  1. a protagonist who lacks the attributes that make a heroic figure, as nobility of mind and spirit, a life or attitude marked by action or purpose, and the like.
My absolute favorite antihero has to be Deadpool. Complete insanity, a love for guns & weapons, and his sense of humor don't make him seem like your typical hero, there to save the day, but hes not all that bad a guy (I mean, not really....). He's the kind of guy that can accidentally do something good, but other superheroes in the marvel universe can't handle how ridiculous he is. He even makes the bad guys cringe.

So now that we know what a hero and (more importantly) what an Anti Hero are, what does it mean to 'be' the Anti Hero exactly? Some people crave other peoples love and adoration. They want to be out front and center and will do almost anything to be there. They want other people to look to them as an example way to be. That's nice, but isn't for everyone. Some people (myself included) don't want all of that attention. Some of us are not built for that sort of thing. We may have traits that make us seem less than desirable to others. That's okay! There's nothing wrong with not being the norm. Less desirable, that's a bit harsh and misleading. More like, awkward, or curious. Yeah, that sounds a lot better

Okay so maybe the title of this post is a little off from what I am really trying to get across here. My biggest point here, is not to try to blend in, or try to be something you're not. We are all created differently and there is no shame in being who you truly are. As much as Ive tried in the past to be like other girls out there, I'm not like them. And that is okay. I'm not big on hair, or beauty or style. I'm not obsessed with fashion. As a matter of fact, my fashion sense is totally random. I don't care that I'm not popular or as attractive as other women, that doesn't bother me. I know that there will always be someone better, more attractive, more talented, etc. than I am. But I wont wallow in comparison. I am me and I am trying to be the best me I can. We should all be that way.  Be you, no matter how awkward or weird you may think you are. Do not concern yourself with the way other people see you. What other people think of you is their business, not yours. Other people don't define you. You do! It's great to look to the 'Hero' and be inspired by them, but do not lose yourself in an attempt to be something you are not. Always be true to yourself!

Nerdy love to ya!

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