Bombshell Batwoman

I started working on my Bombshell Batwoman cosplay! I don't have a lot of progress done, but I did want to go ahead and share what I have so far! I started with the hat because it was the easiest.

I screen printed the Bat Symbol on the front (which I may have to actually alter the top middle), and I sewed the ears on. I had the perfect wig already, so I decided to do a quick run trough of the makeup, hair and hat.  I also made a new YouTube video! I've been on a short roll lately with making videos, I'm proud of myself!

Please bear with me on this one, the video quality is total shit, I'm working on finding a better alternative for these videos. I PROMISE! But like I said in the video, I have started cutting out and pinning together things for the actual baseball dress thing. The bodice, sleeves and collar are all cut and pinned, I just need to stitch them up individually and then sew them all together. Here are some of the pictures of all that stuff:

Hopefully I can get the whole camera issue together before the next video I make. I'd love to show some of the stuff I'm doing while actually doing it. On camera! We'll see how it goes tomorrow with my camera, and sewing, and daily life.

Nerdy love to ya!

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