The Lego Store

Oh Lego store, you are amazing. I seriously love the Lego store. As a kid, I don't remember ever having Legos, Maybe that's the reason I love them so much. My son used the giant Mega Blocks for a while when he was little but as soon as he was able to upgrade to regular Legos, I realized how much fun they would be. We started off buying sets, but because my son is 6, those perfectly built sets were quickly demolished! This didn't bother me because, after all, legos are made to be torn apart and rebuilt. So out of the sets that we took apart, we started building our own creations.

Enter the Lego store. Walking in, not only are you greeted with vibrant colors, every employee seems to be the happiest person alive. I have never seen a store full of employees that not only seem to love their job, they don't seem overwhelmed by the hordes of small children running around, accidentally dumping legos onto the floor and screaming/squealing everywhere. Then you see the wall. The beautiful, majestic wall of Lego parts!

This wall is my everything! Because we have been there MANY times, we had three of the larger sized cups. You see, when you get Lego's from the back wall, you have the option to choose between two sized cups to fill. A smaller one which is priced around $8.99 (or around about), and a larger one which is priced around $14.99 (again, around about). Here you are able to go completely hog wild and choose whatever pieces you want. You fill your cup to the brim. After going previously, we worked out a nice system of stacking like pieces around the sides, oddball pieces in the middle, and all the small pieces we disperse around to fill in any small gaps and spaces. This never disappoints. When we leave, we are always excited about the number of legos we bring back. The options are endless on what we can build. And because we have so many at home already, we can literally build anything we can think of. The closest Lego store to us is in Austin Texas. This is about an hours drive away. Although it does take some time to get to, I definitely feel like it is worth it. Its not an everyday kind of trip, its a special trip. One that I am happy to make with my kiddo.  We usually spend hours at home building to our hearts content. I am not ashamed to say that I am an adult and I still love to play with legos! Do you guys still play with legos? C'mon, don't be ashamed! I know that I'm not the only one out there.

Nerdy love to ya!

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