Blogging To Go

Over on Facebook I posted that I will be going out of town soon. Tomorrow I'll be on my way back to Kentucky for a week! I am beyond excited. But since I will be traveling (and don't use a laptop) my posts here, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will be limited. I do still plan on updating as much as possible though. Instagram might be the fastest way to see what I'm up to. I will update on the go thanks to WiFi and two pretty cool apps!

I'll be using Bloggers app for android phones. Ive used it before when I didn't have access to a computer and it was straightforward and simple to use. Although I wasn't really able to reposition my photos within each post, I didn't mind too much. When I finally had access, I was able to edit it, so it wasn't too bad.

Photo Grid is the second app I will be using. Although on my phone there is a built in editing program, I don't care for it that much in comparison to Photo Grid. It is a neat app that lets you not only create a photo grid of multiple pictures, you can also edit them. The effects are nicer, and you can draw or write on the photos as well. And I love drawing on pictures, because apparently I'm like ten years old he he! I will also try making a video or two for YouTube. We will see.

This will be a fun adventure and I cannot wait for tomorrow to get here!

Nerdy love to ya!

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