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Last night I watched It Follows with the hubs. I remembered seeing the previews for it, but couldn't remember if I thought it would be good or not. I told him I wanted to watch something scary and I really hoped that this movie would fit the bill. But, I was wrong, so freaking wrong. It was sort of difficult to get through this movie, it felt really long, drawn out and long winded. There way way too much dead space in the movie. Also the way it was filmed was weird. It didn't seem professional, it felt kind of like a group of friends were shooting it and had no real equipment. These are only two of the parts that were annoying. The bigger problem I had with this movie was the actual story itself.

The name of the movie is "It Follows", but nowhere in the freaking movie do they tell you what 'IT' actually is. In the beginning of the movie, a girl in heels and a satin pajama looking outfit dashes out of her house, stands in the street, backs up, runs back inside and then runs out to the car to drive away. she drives far, calls her dad and apologizes for all the crap she does, then is  dead in the morning. I guess 'it' got her. when we meet the main character, she has recently started seeing some guy. They have sex and he makes her pass out by covering her mouth and nose with some kind of chloroform or something. She wakes up tied to a wheelchair and the guy paranoid and babbling about whatever it is will be following her now since he gave it to her. They had sex, and he passed it to her. That is how you pass this thing on to other people, you have to have sex. He shows her this person that is walking up to them. Not running, not flying, walking. Walking at a regular pace. This thing wasn't even power walking. Granted, I'd be freaked out waking up tied to a wheelchair and being told that something would be following me, but it didn't seem very intimidating at all.

The whole movie is basically her seeing shit, running/driving away, her sister and friends trying to find her/stay with her, her trying to pass it to other people, and then her seeing shit. This causes the cycle to basically repeat. one of the people she 'passed it on to' dies, then the 'it' comes after her again.  One of her childhood friends gets some bright idea to go to some huge indoor pool area that they had to jump a fence to get into. There was still water in the pool, and they lined the edges of it with various electronics and plugged them in. However, there was no explanation of a plan. There was no information about what the heck they were supposed to be doing. It was a very random and out of place scene. It shouldn't have even been in there, it didn't add to the story line at all. It just made me confused and annoyed.

The movie ends with her having sex and 'passing it on' to one of her childhood friends that really likes her. The two of them are just walking aimlessly down the street, calm as hell. CALM AS HELL! Not worried that something will be following them basically forever. Not paranoid and watching every direction to make sure no one is coming. Just walking like they didn't have a care in the world. It shows them walking towards the camera and a blurry tall figure is walking straight at them in the same unassuming, moderate pace as all the other things. Then, that was it. THAT WAS IT. After fussing at the TV for like 5 minutes about how "This movie is stupid!" and "I'll never get those wasted minutes of my life back!" I had a hilarious thought about the metaphor behind this movie.

This movie is really a metaphor for sex and sexually transmitted diseases.

This movie is really a metaphor for sex and sexually transmitted diseases.

Think about it. The only way to pass it on is to have sex with someone else. When it has been passed to you, it follows you. You can't out run it, you cant get rid of it, you can only bide your time until it comes back. Holy shit as bad as it might sound, when I thought of this I couldn't stop laughing. The main character in this movie is 19 years old. This movie was advertised as a horror movie, but really wasn't that scary. But when you get the metaphor, if you're one of those people who is carelessly sexually active, I'm sure it can be a good life lesson.

So I'm on the hunt again for a good scary movie. If you know of one, hit me up in the comments! I want a good scary movie tonight! Its gloomy and raining, this will be the perfect day for a good horror movie!

Nerdy love to ya!

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