The Babadook

Man oh man, I am on a roll for bad horror movies. Let's talk about The Babadook.

This was another horror movie that I remember seeing previews of. Again I'm not sure if I thought they looked scary or not, but thanks to Netflix, we decided to give it a shot. The description of this movie mentioned a kid acting "ghoulish" (whoever writes the descriptions of movies on Netflix is sassy and ridiculous), so I figured that it had to be creepy. Every time there is a scary movie involving kids I always get freaked out.

The beginning scene is kinda weird. The main character is sitting in what looks like a black empty something, there is broken glass that flies into it and it rolls around and you figure out that its a car that has been hit and rolled. The car goes upright and you see her look at a man who is presumably her husband, then sees a white light come towards her. She falls down towards a bed with the faint sounds of a kid screaming 'Mom', and when she hits the bed she wakes to see her six year old son, distraught sitting at her bed staring at her. They go through his room and look under the bed, into the Armour, and then he gets in the bed with her. He takes up the bed like most kids do when they are in the bed with their parents, and she has a deep exhausted look on her face.

Her son is obsessively afraid of some sort of monster and it has basically consumed his thoughts. To the point of making home made weapons to protect him and his mom, and bringing them to school. This gets him in serious trouble to where he has to be taken out of school. His obsession has driven away his aunt and her daughter and they are very alienated because of his behavior. One night as they were getting ready for bed, his mom tells him he can choose a book for her to read. He grabs a plain book titled "Mister Babadook".

This book had no author, and judging from the outside of it, really doesn't seem like a kids book. It looks pretty weird. I honestly don't think I would read a book like that to my kid without reading it myself first AWAY from my kid. But nope, she asks where it came from, then goes right on reading it. Here are some of the pages from the book:

Tell me...if your kid was paranoid about a monster in his room, would you even read one page from this book?! I think not. These pages are scary as hell to an adult, I couldn't imagine how terrifying they would be to a kid. I think she only reads 3 pages and her son starts wailing and freaking out and crying. Good job, mom. Anyway of course he ends up going to sleep in her bed. But then she starts thinking she hears things, light bulbs flicker, and she gets scared herself. Her son gets even more scared/upset/paranoid (understandably so) so she decides to get rid of the book. She tears up the pages and throws it in the trash. Well, she gets a knock on the door. Three distinct knocks. When she goes to check, there's no one there. Before she can get to the staircase, there are three more knocks at the door. She goes to check, and again no one is there. But she looks down and sees the book sitting on her doorstep.

When she looks through the book this time, the pages have not only been reattached, but they are different. More extreme, graphic, creepy. It says that it wants in, and shows pop ups of her killing their dog and her son. So she burns the book. That doesn't help at all because she starts to actually see this babadook thing. She went to the police to report being stalked and then saw behind one of the officers a hat, coat and weird long finger things just like the book. Shes watching TV and sees it on one of the shows shes watching. She even sees it standing behind her old neighbor. This thing gets into her body and possesses her. It turns her into a mean, loud crazy evil lady who does end up killing their family dog. She gets really close to killing her son, but doesn't. She ends up puking some blackness up and seems to be herself again so she and her son walk upstairs. But then hers on is distraught and says you cant get rid of the babadook and is pulled up to her bedroom by the ghost thing. As a 'final showdown' kind of scene, she yells and screams saying that this was her house, it better not touch her son again, all that stuff. Then whatever it is hauls ass to the basement and the door slams shut behind it.

The movie ends with them seemingly normal, getting ready for her sons birthday party, but she has a bowl of worms that she takes to the basement. When she takes it down there, something goes up to her and is growling and howling and she calms it down, and it goes far back into a corner that is out of sight, and pulls the bowl of worms to it. Then she goes upstairs and has her sons birthday party. End. WHAT?

I lost my shit again. What the heck is this? I have a bunch of unanswered questions. What is the Babadook? Where did this story originate? Does it have anything to do with her son being paranoid about monsters before they read that book? Speaking of the book, where the hell did it actually come from?? Who gave it to him? What did she actually see go into the basement? Why is it still there? Does it stay down there like some sort of bad puppy that's in trouble? Why is she feeding it? And why worms??

So far I am 0-2 with horror movies. I really want to find a good, well scripted scary movie. At this point, I don't even care what kind of scary movie it is. I need suggestions people!

Nerdy love to ya!

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