Video Recap: Faora Ul

This overdue video is about my Faora Ul Costume that I completed for a convention back in June! It goes hand in hand basically with this post as it goes through each piece created and I explain a little bit about my process. I say in the video that we are moving and I'm not taking this costume with me. I would much rather build another one having a completely clean slate than have a reminder piece around. I duno, I think it would be easier for me to just start all the way over again since I feel like I learned so much throughout this. I would feel better starting from zero. Does that make sense?  I think its just nice to see a video to explain things instead of just pictures and text. It makes it a bit easier to understand.

I'm slowly becoming more comfortable recording videos, and getting my lighting and everything straight. But I'd still love your input on how this video is. Let me know what you think I can change or improve upon! 

Nerdy love to ya!

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