Be a Blogging Unicorn

Epic, right?!
Okay, I know that sounds weird. Just stay with me in this, alright?! Think for a many people do you know that run a blog? How many blogs do you follow yourself? When you are looking for a recipe or a tutorial, do you find good ones on random blogs? Blogs (and bloggers) are everywhere you turn. EVERYWHERE. Any subject you can think of- there's a blogger out there somewhere writing about it. I love blogging. Its so much fun sharing things I've been working on (including fails!), things that are going on, or just sharing some tips I've learned myself. But we all want to be on top, right? I'd love to broaden my audience, and its an everyday job to keep up with blogging to stand out. How can we do that??

Keep your voice! 
For some reason, people all start to 'sound' the same in their articles. They turn into monotone robots and there's no personality. I can't sit and read something bland. Even if I'm trying to read about something I like, if its super boring I can't even. I have actually fallen asleep in the middle of reading on my computer. I really like it when I can find a blog that feels, friendly. Yeah that sounded weird...what I mean is, reading something that feels like its coming from a friend, or someone you kinda feel comfy with. Not like a stiff news anchor. I know bloggers want to feel like an 'authority' in their niche, but people really want to know and connect with whoever is behind the screen. You can know what you're talking about but still be personable.

Research is your friend!
Sometimes shooting from the hip in an article is great and appropriate. If you're writing about your experience, doing a review, tutorial whatevs. But when you're trying to provide important info about something (whether its a product, timeline, event or whatever), make sure that you research it! You don't want something published out there with misinformation in it!! Plus, having the right facts makes you legit.

Who are you?
Whoooooo are you...who who, who who? I know you sang that The Who song in your head too. But really, who are you back there behind the computer? People like to feel connected, they don't just want to read articles from some anonymous person. Show who you are, not only through your writing, but with your face! Let people see you, that makes a huge difference!

Design, design, design!
When you first click on a blogs link, BAM, first impression to the face. Is it easy to navigate? Is it organized? Hell, is it pretty? Pretty is a relative term I know. But take a look at your design. Is everything cohesive? Does the layout make sense? Could your readers easily find different pages or links from your home page? You want things to look nice, be organized and easy to get around. But, you also want it match your personality (to a certain extent). I do think that its much better to have less going on and more organization, than a ton of stuff in chaos.

Be Epic
Regardless of what niche you're in, you chose it because you love it. So much so, you want to share it with millions of random people on the internet (hi!). Show your passion! It's totally okay to spaz out and go full fangirl (or fanboy) in your blog! In fact, I think people love it. Of course you have those that aren't into whatever you're into, but that's okay, it doesn't matter. Those who are passionate, love, or are even curious about whatever you're writing about...they will find you.

There are hundreds of articles out there on how to be a better blogger. I'm no authority on blogging, but it is something that I love to do. I'm working on each of these things in order to expand my readership, and keep working on improving myself and my brand. I want to be a unicorn dangit! What are some helpful tips that you have on becoming a better blogger?

Nerdy love to ya!

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Evon is a lifestyle blogger based in Texas. She has a passion for nerd culture, food and movies. To find out more about Evon, and this blog, take a look at the About Me page!