Dying Light

So, let's talk about the game Dying Light (for Xbox One). Maybe I should say, Game That kicks up my Anxiety. This game is pretty interesting, but also nerve wrecking. Especially at night. This is a zombie game, and a pretty good one at that! Your character has a very realistic feel to him. He doesn't have any kind of super human strength, he runs but gets winded, and the little things he says here and there are hilariously accurate (like if you were running from a zombie that got really close to you, you'd be like 'oh shit' or something).

Of course you can upgrade your weapons, add mods as well. You gain survival points just like skill points in any other game. The main character must have been a hardcore parkour enthusiast before the zombie outbreak because dude jumps, climbs, rolls and aggressively runs throughout the whole game. Roof tops seem to be his favorite route in getting around. But I guess it's an easier way to get around and avoid zombies that are wandering around on the ground levels. Now,  there are several different kinds of Zombies that are in this game. There are the slow ones, you know the typical slowpoke ones that shuffle around aimlessly. But then there are some crazy ass ones that have spunk. Think 28 days later kind of Zombies. The ones that will not only lunge at you, but will also run after you, and attempt to climb to get to you,

So I mentioned nighttime, right? At night, things get crazy. Not only do you have to worry about the Zombies, there are other things you have to be on the lookout for. They are the Volatiles and Night Hunters. These things are freaking scary (and ugly as hell)!

Playing the game at night has me not only super jumpy, I'm seriously freaked out. People with anxiety might not be the best for games like this. At night I feel like I might just have a heart attack!!! It's a good thing that there are safe houses (safe zones) throughout the areas.

It's still early into the game, so I don't really know much else about the storyline or the baddies in it, but so far it's cool. Anyone with an Xbox One who wants to play,add me on Xbox Live! My gamertag is EVONVON

Nerdy love to ya!

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