Fun Friday Fav's #17

It's been a while since we've done one of these bad boys, so lets talk about this weeks Fun Friday Fav's!

First, lets talk about this picture above...I cant remember where I found it online, but when I first saw it, I couldn't stop laughing. Seriously. I laughed for about five minutes straight before posting it to Facebook. I have a black cat, and all I could think about is Panther (my cat) being his normal goofy self, chasing his tail, and then looking up at me like that. Panther is cross eyed, and when he looks at us, sometimes he has the crazy eyes, but they aren't nearly as bad as this picture!

This tutorial by Axceleration Cosplay on making a Sailor Scout Costume. I have been seriously in love with all of the many sailor scout variants out on the interwebs. So much that I now want to make a sailor scout cosplay. Yeah, yeah, I know I already have a working cosplay list of at least 15. But those will be bumped to make room for several Sailor Scout variants. I have about 8 that I want to work on. But since we are moving in a few weeks, all of my cosplay work is on hold until we get there, and settle into a house. Then its gonna be on. I want to share with you guys what variants I want to make, but I cant yet. short for I Fucking Love Science (because, F-yeah who doesn't) Is awesome. I follow them on Facebook and thoroughly enjoy their articles. Its refreshing to not only get serious information about whats going on in the world, but it has the tone of a friend. We all have that one friend that seems to be a walking new channel, right? Reading articles on their site is kinda like talking to your buddy. Easy to understand. Y'all should check them out!

Her whole everything. She not only has beautiful skin, I'm loving her style. She looks so cute. Not to mention her hair. My hair has been light all summer, and for the past week I have been going back and forth trying to decide if I want to keep it light, or if i want to go back to black. Well after looking on Pinterest at short curly blondes, I decided I'm keeping it light. Its not quite as light as hers, but I did touch up my roots a little and add a tiny amount of highlights. Her color is really my goal though.

Skating makes me happy. I seriously love it. I do love Roller Derby, but when we move, it'll have to be put on hold. I've been sort of fading away from my current team (school has started, moving process started, and overall a lot to do as of late). When we move we will just have way too much going on and I wont be able to commit to a team that has a lot of requirements. But that doesn't mean that I wont skate. I plan on skating as much as I can. It will be a new area that definitely gets a lot of snow, so once we get down there, I want to get some skate time in before a true winter actually hits. But I want to do a trail skate somewhere here before we move, I just want to put my skates on and go somewhere.

I've gotten semi obsessed with all things burlesque lately. I have no idea what started it, but I love it! I absolute adore the makeup. I'm not that big on makeup most of the time, but I see so many killer looks that I want to try them. But I have nowhere to get that glammed up! The second picture (the pasties) I can't get enough of. First, they're pasties. Second, they are Batman pasties. Third, I've been working on making several different kinds of pasties. Ive not tried to make any other shape than round, but this really inspires me to try out other shapes. I have been using rhinestones, so I'd definitely need to restock them. I have some black ones, but not nearly enough to make a proper pair of pasties. Piggybacking off of my whole rhinestone comment, look at that last picture! I love love love corsets, and this baby pink one is so cute! I love the feathers but my eyes were immediately drawn to the details on the front of her corset. Not only is it detailed, its sparkly and honestly, the sparklier (I know that's not a word!) the better!

These are my favorite things from this past week. They are totally random, I know. What are some of your favorite things of the week?

Nerdy love to ya!

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