Justice League: Gods and Monsters

You know what I love about road trips? Redbox movie rentals. We rent movies normally at home too, but when we are on a long drive, we will get a movie from the redbox. Usually we score some really cool ones, and this time was no different! Justice League: Gods and Monsters is set in some kind of alternate universe. Instead of Superman being the superman we know, his father is actually General Zod. Batman is a literal vampire bat-man who sucks peoples blood. And instead of Wonder Woman being an Amazon, she's in the world of Darkseid.

These three are polar opposites from their real selves. They seem pretty sketchy I think, ha ha. They are often violent, and kill whatever bad guys they fight. I was actually surprised, this movie not only showed characters getting killed, some of their deaths were freaking brutal! Like, holy cannoli. For Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman they give a back story so you can see why each of them was different than their normal version. Even though they were all interesting, Wonder Woman's story was my favorite. Big Bard was there, they mentioned Boom Tube and Mother Boxes. BIG Bard is one of my favorite female characters, I need to dedicate a post to her.

Without going too far into the story and giving something away, I will say this was a really good animated movie. I definitely love the alternate version of the normal heroes.

Nerdy love to ya!

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