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Have I mentioned on here that my family and I will be moving in a few weeks? Well guess what...we're moving in a few weeks! We're moving almost 2000 miles away from Texas! Its gonna be a loooong ride. But fun, it should definitely be fun. We have moved around a lot and each time things have been a little different than the last. This time will be once again different. This time, we have a lot more planning going on. After doing some research, I think I've got this figured out. It should be way less stressful than things have been in the past. Here's what we are going to do:

  • Using a Binder
  • Making checklists beforehand
  • Making a spreadsheet
  • Photographing Everything
  • Color coding rooms

I know that doesn't seem like a lot, so let me go into detail on each of these for y'all.

Use a binder. For real. Even if you have to dust off your old trapper keeper (you know you still have it). You need some sort of binder with prongs and folders. This is the easiest way to keep everything together for the move. You have everything there, in one space, and you don't have to worry about searching for a piece of paper or a note or anything crazy. Its neater and will make you feel more level headed having things right there for you.

So the next thing you need are checklists. It sounds simple, but I have several running checklists (I'm not obsessive, but I do want to have everything i need and need to know readily available). They range between questions to ask our packers, what stuff is in each room, what personal items, electronics, etc. we are taking with us and not having packed. I have a lot. But I'm a list maker. Each list is written on a separate piece of paper, and I've made sure to leave space to write notes or answers to any questions.

Spreadsheets. I know you're asking, why do I need a spreadsheet if I'm making a check list? This is basically your inventory sheet of you entire house. YOUR WHOLE HOUSE!!! You'll want to log every single thing you own and every single thing that is in each room. Your spreadsheet helps to once again keep things neat and organized. It makes it easy to note if you have two of a certain item, or 10. It also makes it easier to log any electronics you have, their working condition, and serial numbers. Serials are super important! That helps when it comes to damages.

You need to photograph all of your stuff. I'm sure it'll take a bit of time, but what happens when the movers 'lose' a piece of furniture? What happens if they smash your crystal glasses? I've heard horror stories of people having lots of things broken, or even missing! I don't want something like that to happen to us! You'll need to file a claim for damages. But how will you prove that said item was there? You need pictures. It's better to have them and not need them, than need them and not have them!

Color coding. This might not seem all that necessary to some people. That's totally fine, but for me, I'm an overwhelmingly visual person. I have to have something that can obviously separate things. Just writing on a box with a sharpie isn't enough. I love colors, bright colors. Color coding each room is great. Tape a color strip of paper to the door of each room. Obviously use a separate color for each room. Once the packers have packed boxes and emptied whichever room, Tape a strip of color paper on each box that corresponds to the color on the door. In your binder, label what room each color is for (you can even get fancy and tape a small strip into your binder). When you get to your destination it'll be so much easier to separate and work on each room.

It sounds super simple, and I think this part of the moving process is the easiest of them all. The stuff before this is what is the worst. Paperwork, meetings, and appointments are long and exhausting. The only major worry I have right now, is cleaning the house back to its original state! Lets hope that part works out well!

Nerdy love to ya!

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