Fall 2015 Hair Colors

The weather is getting chilly, the leaves are changing beautiful yellows, reds and orange, and the time has come to make a big decision: are you going to color your hair? Yeah yeah, it may seem like kind of a silly question to some, but I have been asking myself what will I do. Currently my hair is a bright mixture of blonde highlights. Originally I decided to  keep my hair light even though fall is here. As the time goes by, occasionally I get a wild idea for change. That often spirals from a hair cut, extensions, various hairstyles, then back to hair color. I like my hair black, but I'm not totally sure I want to go that drastic. I may, but I'm not sure (I'm super indecisive so I go back and forth like a million times). But my hair hasn't been a shade of red in years, should I choose some form of red? I have no idea. So I decided to do a little research. What hair colors are trending for fall.

I've chosen my top three hair colors below of trending hair colors for this fall. They are in no particular order, and were compiled from both Harpers Bazaar's list, and Elle's.

1) Rust/Copper- Like I said above, my hair hasn't been any shade of red for years. When I took a look at this color, I really find it complimentary to olive and darker skin. Eva Mendez and Rihanna both look amazing with this hair color. See? It looks amazing on darker skin tones!

 Both Photos are used from Harpers Bazaar

2) Bronde- I love word combos like this, they're so funny. Bronde is a combination of brown and blonde throughout, and it looks pretty good. It's very subtle, and I like that. It seems like a very versatile way of adding highlights and low lights, and can be done so many different ways, it won't look 'cookie cutter'. It looks like a great way of adding some dimension in your hair without it being a dramatic change.

photos from Harpers Bazaar

3) Monochrome Licorice- This is where I start wanting to go jet black. I'm really digging this single shade hair color! When I color my hair black, it always turns out in a flat single tone. I like it, and I'm glad to see that this is now a thing. This shade is gorgeous especially as a short/medium bob. Take a look at this photo:
photo from Hair News
Is that not gorgeous? I love how deep, dark and sleep it looks. Perhaps a call back from my goth days in high school (I know I'm not the only one...). Of course for me to achieve a look like this, I would not only have to color my hair black, but also get my hair straightened. And that is a mess I do not want to deal with anytime soon. Maybe a wig will suffice for me. 

photo from Elle

The rest of the week I will be seriously thinking about what I will do. I can't quite make up my mind! Monday I will be starting a new job, so I would like to have something figured out by then. We'll see how that goes. Wish me luck in figuring this out, I sure as hell need it!

Nerdy love to ya!

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