Saturday, October 10, 2015

Texas Blues

In all the excitement  before our move to Massachusetts, now that we're here the feeling has shifted. Drastically. When we were still in Texas, I couldn't wait to leave. I wanted to get out of there so fast, I never thought I would actually miss it. I mean, who would miss triple digit heat, right? Well, this gal for one. It's cold here. Like, I'm always cold and it's only fall! I know, I know, the beautiful colors of the leaves changing is so nice compared to the brown dead leaves that fall in Texas. But I miss more than just the warmth.

I guess I miss the sense of security too. I'm a creature of habit, its really bad. I will go to the same restaurant ten times, and get the same thing because that's what I'm used to getting there. That doesn't mean I'm afraid to try something else, I just like routine. I like predictability. In Texas, I knew what to expect from the weather. I knew what my neighborhood was like. I knew my sons school, I knew when traffic would be bad what days/where, and I knew how to get around. I know that part of moving to a new place is getting acclimated to your new surroundings, but man, this is just not cool right now! I think I would be more 'okay' with it if I actually liked it here. Maybe its me being grumpy and missing Texas, but I really don't see myself in the east like this. I'm a southern/country girl through and through. I like to talk, and I can be friendly (occasionally), but here, no one wants to talk, no one is friendly. To be brutally honest, everyone here is an asshole. Even my husband who is from New York, was taken aback by how rude people are here. It's really been a shock!

I'm really hoping that after a few more weeks I can get acclimated to life here before the snow comes this winter. I don't like snow or ice, so when that times comes, I will be in a whole different kind of panic and fear. Send me good ju ju y'all, I surely need it!

Nerdy love to ya!

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  1. Moving to a new place can be exciting at first, then usually the panic sets in. I know that feeling. Everything is new, nothing familiar. People are different, the food is different, heck, even the water is different! However, usually, after a few months have past and when the dust settles things take shape. Hopefully, soon, you'll look back at this time and realise how everything got better. ^^


    1. I really hope so, haha. I just hate change or anything that deviates from routine. Once I start working I hope that things will be smooth and I'll adjust.


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